Delivery Hall

The Nahant Public Library was founded in 1819, making it one of the oldest municipally-owned library collections in Massachusetts (Franklin being the oldest in 1790). Our library became a free public library in 1872. The present library building was designed by the Boston firm of Ball and Dabney, opened June 1, 1895, and was the first electrified building in Nahant.

Mission Statement

The Nahant Public Library, an essential public institution, strives to serve as an accessible and responsive information and literary center for all residents of the Nahant community and beyond. In a welcoming environment, with diverse materials, programs and services, the library’s mission is to stimulate the imagination, nurture literacy, and promote cultural enrichment. The Nahant Public Library also provides access to the tools, technological and traditional, which empower people to find and use information and encourage lifelong learning.

Branding Statement

In an era of instability, constant noise, and information overload, there is a welcoming place of light in Nahant that inspires, cutting through the noise to what is relevant. Any person who wants to take advantage of learning and community would enjoy the arts, conversation, and new ideas found here.

Land Acknowledgement

We give acknowledgement to the Massachusett Tribe, the tribe of indigenous people from whom the Colony, Province and Commonwealth of Massachusetts have taken their name, and who encamped in Nahant before the arrival of European explorers and colonists. We pay our respects to the ancestral bloodline of the Massachusett Tribe and their descendants, who still inhabit historical Massachusett Tribe territories to this day.