The Library is pleased to be able to collect some items for recycling/reuse and direct you to other in-town or local resources for disposal or donation. Please see below for the types of items collected at the Library and a few other collection options nearby. RecycleSmartMA’s Recyclopedia is a great resource when you aren’t sure what to do with something.

Common Contaminants

Be sure to keep these common contaminants out of your recycling bin. See below for local places (including the Library) that will accept some of these items for disposal or recycling.

  • No recyclables in plastic bags.
  • No food & liquids.
  • No electronics & small appliances.
  • No textiles, bedding, rugs & carpet.
  • No hoses, holiday lights, hangers & extension cords.
  • No plastic bags, film/sheeting & flexible film packaging.
  • No paper napkins, plates, cups & tissues.
  • No polystyrene foam.
  • No tires, auto parts & scrap metal.
  • No concrete, wood & construction debris.
  • No yard waste & wood.
  • No non-recyclable plastic.

Techno Trash (Box at the Library)

The Library is able to continue this disposal option thanks to a generous gift from Nahant S.W.I.M., Inc.

Items accepted by GreenDisk:

  • All forms of electronic media and their cases: diskettes, zip disks, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs et al, video tape, audio tape, game cartridges, DAT, DLT and virtually all other type of computer tapes.
  • Hard drives, Zip and Jazz drives, jump drives, etc.
  • All forms of printer cartridges including both inkjet and toner.
  • All types of cell phones, pagers, PDAs and their chargers, cables, and headset accessories
  • All types of rechargeable batteries (not regular alkaline ones) and their chargers
  • All of the small computer accessories such as MP3 players, iPods, digital cameras, hand-held scanners, handheld games and other connected devices
  • All of the cords, cables, boards, chips, etc. attached to or removed from a computer.
  • Laptop computers

Eyeglasses – Lions Club (Box at the Library)

Lions Club accepts various types of glasses for children and adults, including very strong and very weak prescriptions, reading glasses and non-prescription sunglasses.

Glasses are sorted by usability and redistributed to optical mission or responsibly recycled.

Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Program (Box at the Library)

Program accepted waste: Toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, toothpaste cartons, toothbrush outer packaging, and floss containers.

Please note: Electric toothbrushes, battery toothbrushes, and/or their parts are not recyclable through the program.

ON HOLD ColorCycle Marker Recycling (Box at the Library)

“At Crayola, the health and safety of our employees and the students, families and teachers who use our products every day, is of the utmost importance. Given the ever-evolving nature of the coronavirus in the US, with school districts continuing to make the decision to close and the public being encouraged to limit exposure, we are temporarily pausing all ColorCycle marker donation shipments. The ColorCycle program will remain paused and we will determine when we can start receiving donation shipments again. Thanks for your understanding.” –

Batteries and Light Bulbs (at Town Hall)

Textiles (at the Johnson School)

The Johnson School now has a collection bin for fabric and textiles in any condition. It is outside the school building and accessible at any time. Please review the flyer below.